The Blind Bolt

We never stop being delighted and surprised by the innovative new uses for Blind Bolt products that our clients tell us about.

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It helps to drive us to continually devise new products or new variations on existing products, constantly increasing the versatility of the Blind Bolt and the number of situations in which it can be used. After being initially launched as an innovative blind fastener, the product has now grown to become a high quality solution to a wide range of problems, which saves both time and money.

Hollow Wall Fixings

Steel Blind Fixing

Hollow Wall Fixing

What sets our blind bolt apart from the competition is that it has genuinely altered the way in which architects and designers think about their work. Using our hollow section bolts makes it quick and easy to fix box sections or girder cavities, and we’ve seen for ourselves how the fact that they are so flexible and effective can transform projects of any size and type.

Take a look at our News pages to discover the latest on new products and applications, or contact us with a question using the details below. Outline your project to us, and we’ll explain how blind bolt fasteners could make a difference.

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