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Blind Fixings For Cladding & Facades

It’s often presumed that a ‘façade’ or ‘cladding’ is merely the exterior appearance of a building. This is incorrect, however, since it is actually an external covering which is distinct from – but attached to – the basic structure of a building. Cladding of this kind can transform the aesthetics of a building quickly and easily, whilst costing a fraction of more traditional methods, such as building a stone or brick exterior or applying a render.

While cladding or a facade which is attached to a building doesn’t contribute to the stability of that building, it still needs to be able to cope with factors like snow load, wind load and impact load. Wind load, in particular, can create high levels of pressure, and the strongest cladding will only be able to cope with that pressure if it has been attached using a system as efficient as Blind Bolts.

The overall cost of any project will be lowered because Blind Bolts don’t need oversized holes or any customised equipment when being used, and the manufacturing quality of our Heavy Duty bolts will ensure the stability and security of any façade or cladding being fitted. Once it’s in place, the cladding will be as stable as the underlying structure itself.

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