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Blind Bolts save time and money through being quick and easy to use, and can be applied in a huge range of situations.

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The examples detailed below set out how effective Blind Bolts have already been in a number of different sectors. If you have any questions regarding a project you’re currently planning, please contact us using the details provided.

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The following is a selection of the uses Blind Bolts can be put to.


Mastclimbers Ltd utilised Mastclimb M16x90mm Blind Bolts

Blind Bolts were utilised to attach mast climber work platforms to a tubular steel framework when working on the Equinox Project in Glasgow, UK. The use of the bolts meant that having to weld on site could be avoided, and time and money could be saved.


The Automatic Warning System (AWS) is a vital component of the safe running of railways.

AWS units operate throughout the UK rail network, and the engineers with the responsibility of attaching the units opted to use M20 Blind Bolts in order to put them in place without having to weld them to the steel sleepers. The effectiveness of the Blind Bolts solution was such that it is now the certified attachment method.


Blind Bolts ease the process of installing scaffolding on a building, whilst maintaining access.

In the majority of cases, Blind Bolt fixings were used during new build projects, to attach the scaffolding needed to the steel skeleton of a commercial or industrial construction. Blind bolts can be attached and removed quickly and with the minimum of work involved, while the fact that no welding is required means that the underlying framework of the building in question won’t be damaged.


Contractors make use of Blind Bolts when performing maintenance on the Tay Bridge, a feat of engineering which has been standing since 1887.

The construction of the Tay Bridge, Scotland, means that access to those parts which need to be maintained is strictly limited, and specialist tools can’t be used. In addition to this, the engineers carrying out the work only have a five hour window every night during which to do so. M16, M20 and M24 Blind Bolts can be used in areas such as the underside of the bridge, without the engineers in question having to put scaffolding in place.


Blind Bolts are the perfect solution for construction and repair work taking place in a marine environment.

The unique nature of the one-sided fixing mechanism of Blind Bolts makes them ideal for typical marine environment tasks such as fixing posts and steel grids firmly in place on wooden decks. That’s why they’re chosen by so many people tasked with utilising tailored fixing solutions in places such as mooring points and harbours.