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The global reach of the Blind Bolt fixing solution can be traced back all the way to a potting shed at the bottom of a garden in Gloucestershire.

This is where we were when we first addressed the vexed question of how best to attach a bracket to a box section. Normal bolts could be used to perform the task, but only if the person doing the fixing drilled an oversize hole and made use of highly specialised equipment. The other option, welding the components in question, took up a lot of time, was difficult to perform, particularly on a construction site, and provided less than consistent results. We felt there had to be a better way.

The good news is that there was a better way, and the solution in question is actually pretty simple at heart. This simplicity didn’t stop it taking many hours, hundreds of preliminary sketches and a lot of going back to basics, but in the end we came up with the concept of a metal bar – the bolt itself – which has a thread at one end and a toggle which swings out from a slot at the other end. The key to the effectiveness of this solution is that it can be used with a standard hole, and when it is in place the toggle swings out and the bolt can be tightened using ordinary tools.

Using the Blind Bolt really is as simple as drill, rotate and tighten. That’s why it’s the perfect solution for places which are difficult to access, and our clients never cease to amaze us with the innovative uses which they come up with for our products. Our bolts can be used to fix things either vertically or horizontally. They’re equally effective when applied to cavity walls, hollow sections, cladding and facades, and we quickly realised they have the potential to revolutionise the approach taken by designers, architects and builders.


Our clients include British Waterways, Shell UK Ltd. and BP/Amoco Oil Production Co., and they’ve all been attracted by the quality and flexibility of the Blind Bolt solution. Among the high profile projects which have made use of Blind Bolts are the following:

  • The Toyota Factory in Derby
  • The Bull Ring Project in Birmingham - the largest building project in Europe
  • Leeds railway station
  • The Equinox Project, Glasgow
  • Tay Bridge
  • Shell UK Ltd
  • The new multi-million pound Walks Shopping Centre in Basingstoke

All of the Blind Bolts we supply are precision designed and engineered and manufactured from high tensile steel. They are high performing pieces of equipment provided in sizes ranging from M8 to M24, and if your project calls for protection from corrosive factors such as salt water we can provide bolts with a Magni 560 style coating. This offers protection for up to 100 hours, and we also provide particular sizes of bolt in A4 stainless steel.

Our clients appreciate the value, stability and flexibility offered by Blind Bolts. They get the job done quickly, and provide a long term solution to an increasingly wide range of construction and repair problems in all parts of the world.

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