We offer blind fixing solutions which tick every box.

Innovative engineering has created a new solution to an old problem, and we combine manufacturing quality with an extensive range of products and a global distribution network.

We’re continually surprised and delighted by the range of uses which our clients come up with for Blind Bolts. Across the globe and in an incredibly wide range of circumstances, our blind fixings have changed the way professionals approach design, architecture and construction. Convenient, effective and affordable, they represent the perfect solution to a vast range of requirements.

Our blind bolts work without the requirement for specialised tools or larger than usual holes, whether applied as thin wall bolts or box section fixings. When other products fail to provide answers, our bolts offer the kind of convenience and versatility that makes all the difference.

Common uses for Blind Bolts include joining hollow sections and attaching facades and cladding to the exterior of buildings, as well as being utilised in corrosive environments and performing tasks like keeping masonry support systems in place. Despite this, we’re constantly looking for new uses for our range of products.

Hollow Section

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Masonry Support

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Cladding & Facades

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Bolts for Marina's

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