Heavy Duty Bolt

We developed our Heavy Duty Bolt to deal with a specific set of circumstances.

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Heavy Duty Bolts

On occasion, the shear plane of the elements being fixed would fall across the legs of a standard Blind Bolt. To remedy this, we developed a shorter, heavy duty blind fixing capable of delivering improved performance under these circumstances

The Heavy Duty Blind Bolt is the ideal fixing solution for joining heavier steel sections to each other. It has been designed, using an innovative locking pin and an expanding base, so that it can be utilised using simply a spanner and a hammer. The lack of any requirement for specialised tools means that our Heavy Duty Blind Bolts save designers and builders both time and money.

HD Steel Fixings

HD Fasteners

HD Fixings

  • Locking pin mechanism facilitates quick and easy installation
  • Holes don’t need to be any larger than usual
  • Protection from 600 hours exposure to salt spray provided by a Dacralon coating 
  • Simplified application speeds construction and saves money

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HD Blind Fasteners

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