Thin Wall Bolt

Our thin wall bolt (also known as a TW Bolt), when used correctly, offers a combination of a high shear capacity and inherent strength.

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TW Bolt was designed by us to deal with the problems faced when putting lightweight steel sheet or cladding material in place using a blind fixing. Once the material in question has been installed, all that will be visible will be a low profile head with no stud. Other positive aspects of our thin wall bolts are as follows:  

  • Overall assembly takes less time thanks to easy and swift installation
  • The hole required doesn’t have to be drilled any larger than the norm
  • Durability and longevity ensured by the zinc electroplate finish

If you want to stay on top of all of our exciting new products and developments, please visit our news page, or contact us using the details below. Outline your project to us, and we’ll explain how blind bolt fasteners could make a difference.

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