HD Bolt Fixing and Testing Terms Explained

The Heavy Duty bolt was developed with a specific need in mind. Sometimes the shear plane in question would fall across the legs of a Standard Blind Bolt, and so we developed a shorter blind fixing able to offer improved performance when used in this scenario.

The Heavy Duty Blind Bolt offers the perfect blind fixing solution when heavier steel sections have to be joined together. The design, which incorporates an expanding base and an innovative locking pin, means that the only tools which have to be used are a hammer and a spanner. The fact that blind bolt fasteners don’t call for specialised tools is just one of the reasons why they save builders and designers so much time and money.

  • Unique locking pin enables quick and easy installation
  • No need to drill larger holes than normal
  • Dacralon coating provides protection from 600 hours exposure to salt spray
  • Ease of use means construction takes place more quickly and costs less

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